M27 is the creative collaboration of Kim and Zach DeBord. Formed in 1998, the couple works with ideas of alternate realities and people's ability to affect change upon their perception. Art, interactivity, and technology teamed with traditional processes and interdisciplinary media are their tools for spreading a concept of idealism.

See M27 work below or click our names above for individual portfolios.

04/2006 : The End of The Second Era : M27, HQ : Chicago, IL
11/2005 : Transmissions : M27 H.Q. : Chicago, IL
03/2004 : Small Victories : Modest Contemporary : Chicago, IL
08/2004 : Seamless : mfive.org : Chicago, IL
12/2001 : Student Exhibition : Arnold and Sheila Aronson Galleries, New York, NY

08/2006 : Twin-Engine Solar Roller : by Gareth Branwyn : streettech.com | boingboing.net | Make Magazine Blog

End of the 2nd Era Art Exhibition

We hosted a show of our work from 2005 at the M27, HQ. The show also unveiled a prototype of our latest interactive endeavors - Accredo Elysium (beta version).

BEAM Robotics

BEAM is a type of robotics that stands for Biology, Electronics, Aesthetics, and Mechanics. BEAM robotics focus on simplicity and do not use any programming to accomplish their tasks. Many of the robots are either photophobic or phototropic and will react to their light source accordingly.

Planes & Illusions

A series of dioramas that as a group implies the existence of parallel universes on both a grand scale but also on a personal scale. These planes and illusions are a system we inhabit to give us an expansive knowledge of reality.


There will come a time when thought forms can be harnessed to power the world. There will be no conscious focus required to maintain power levels, the overall construct of the psyche is all that is required. Because thought forms are filtered based on mass belief there is no way to control them.

Mythical Creatures Preservation Society

MCPS is a conceptual world created by M27 and perpetuated by the idea of belief giving way to reality. An ever -growing world, MCPS currently incorporates a few divisions of warriors that protect our beloved myths.

School of Art Institue Chicago

Our concept for the Building of Art project opens the dialogue between building and city, people and building, people and city, and the give and take of energy between these entities as it influences creative processes. The main focus of this work will be to transform the intake of data (in this case, elements representing the energy of the surrounding city) and outputting a visual response. This project won second place in a public art contest.

The Crane Operators Guild

The Crane Operators was our first collaborative project combining elements of story telling, Flash interactivity, graphic design, and apparel design. Although 27 chapters were written, only the first one was completed.

The Uncarved Block

An installation of four garments representing Isolation, Burden, Restriction and the white in the center representing the Taoist theory of the Pú Block, or Uncarved Block.